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Shakespeare In Comics
The Tempest - Hamlet - Romeo and Juliet
by Gianni De Luca
On sale date: June 25, 2023

Welcome back, dear readers!

SHAKESPEARE IN COMICS will collect all three comic works inspired by Shakespearean tragedies adapted by Raoul Traverso for the Catholic weekly "Il Giornalino" and drawn by master Gianni De Luca. The Tempest, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, in the chronological order in which they were drawn and serialized in the weekly, will finally be translated into English for the first time in almost 50 years since their first creation and publication. The color films have been lost but Gianni De Luca's heirs still possess all the original art and have provided me for Passenger Press with faithful scans of the black and white line pages.
The volume that will collect the three stories, accompanied by rich critical apparatus including an introduction to the works edited by Paul Gravett, will be 144 pages in large format 36x25.5 cm and will be printed not in black and white but with a Pantone Teal on ivory paper to make the fantastic reading experience even more exciting. Furthermore, the texts will not simply be translated, but since Traverso has carried out an operation of drying and simplifying the original English texts - to facilitate reading by the young minds who followed Il Giornalino - Ronan Paterson, great English expert of the Bard's works, will combine the original dialogues by carrying out a very interesting recovery never attempted so far with the works of De Luca.
An unmissable work that has inspired many authors from all over the world such as Frank Miller in the storytelling of Elektra Lives Again. All the magic of a fundamental author who has revolutionized the way of narrating and imagining modern comics, still incomparable and widely imitated today. A must-have!

The volume will be printed on 120 g ivory paper and printed with pantone 5463C. The canvas paper cover will have a dutch binding for 144 pages (120 comic pages that will collect THE TEMPEST, HAMLET and finally ROMEO AND JULIET plus various articles and essays).


Christian G. Marra